Compliance Officer Services

Athena offers Compliance Officer services to provider organizations of all sizes.

The Office of Inspector General’s Compliance Program Guidance recommends designating a chief compliance officer to be responsible for the operation and oversight of the organization’s Compliance Program. Identifying an individual with the appropriate experience and expertise to manage your Compliance Program can be challenging.

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Interim Compliance Officer

While you search for the right individual to fit your organization’s long-term needs, Athena can provide interim Compliance Officer services to ensure necessary compliance activities continue during times of transition. We learn the ins and outs of your Compliance Program and provide consistency when you need it most.

Ongoing Compliance Officer

Athena offers ongoing Compliance Officer services to organizations with a strong commitment to compliance but limited resources. Athena will work closely with an appointed “Compliance Liaison” to understand your organization and the status of your Compliance Program. We will work closely with your Leadership, Compliance Committee, and Board to manage and oversee all seven elements of your Compliance Program.

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