Program Development

The Office of Inspector General has issued various compliance program guidance documents to assist health care provider organizations with the development and use of an internal program to assist with adherence to applicable statutes, regulations, and payor requirements. Athena’s Partners can work with your organization to develop and implement policies, procedures, and ongoing compliance activities to address the seven elements of an effective compliance program.

Athena can help you:

  • Identify and appoint a Compliance Officer
  • Establish a Compliance Committee
  • Draft and implement core policies and procedures
  • Develop compliance education and training materials
  • Develop an active auditing and monitoring system
  • Establish effective lines of communication
  • Enforce disciplinary standards through well-publicized guidelines
  • Implement a process for responding to detected offenses and taking corrective action

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Athena Compliance Partners will work with you to meet your compliance needs.